Patient reviews
Always so caring and kind no matter how grouchy I am they always make me smile

Terri V.
The appointment was kept on time. The reception area was clean and spacious. The receptionist was friendly and helpful. Dr Kemp's medical assistant Alysia was excellent. Dr. Kemp was very professional and personable. He made sure I explained everything including what to expect for the next step of my treatment. We never felt rushed which is rare in today's world. I would highly recommend Dr Kemp and full confidence in him and his staff.

Joseph G.
Great experience. Very timely. Super friendly staff. Injection was very smooth. I had to ask if they were really done.

Charles B.
I've been a patient of Dr. Morgan for more than 20 years. They are best in there field. I've never had a problem with them.

Larry J.
Treated well

Patrick H.
Dr kemp is outstanding, he listens, he takes what you say serious, and adds his knowledge to it, I've felt better than I have in 30 years in just a few months of seeing him, he took what I said and went straight to the problem, and gave me relief, he is very professional, and thorough, the entire staff is amazing, I'd recommend them to anyone, I'm so happy I found them, great Dr's great staff great care, I can't say enough,

Anita W.
Dr. Dunn is very friendly and funny. His bedside manners was great. He did a very good job of explaining my condition and treatment plan.

Michael Q.
Extremely great!! He listens to you and explains everything so you can understand. Very sincere and compassionate

Marcia M.
Frank said “I believe most of my patients lie to me”. He also said “the time has come for “me to move on to the next patient and for you to find a new DR “. I have been going to that office for many years. I have had Dr Morgan give me several injections for my back, neck and shoulders. She is amazing and I’m sorry to be leaving her.

Margaret W.
Dr. Morgan and her staff are amazing. They have helped me so much. I'm so happy from the first day I seen her . She has helped me in so many ways.

Tawnya K.
Great staff with wonderful clinical care and support.

Brian K.
Dr. Morgan is very personable and very thorough with all her findings and explains procedures step-by-step. I would definitely recommend seeing her she makes you feel very comfortable and you feel the trust in her in making decisions for your well-being.

Myra D.
My first visit was quick and to the point. What happens next will determine my evaluation. It's just unfortunate that everything moves so slowly these days.

Daniel S.
Dr.Dunn is wonderful and caring. Have been with him for 14 years.

Peggy O.
Knowledge, experience, and Interpersonal skills. Good combo when you are not feeling great and want answers / actions.

Gary B.
Always address my concerns and care

Maryellen S.
Very relaxing but very professional. Marissa is very easy to talk with about my pain problems. She understands what I’m going through both physically and mentally. She relates to my wife very well. I recommend her 100 percent.

Larry W.
I was very impressed with Dr. Morgan's caring way for describing all the options available to me. She was very honest about the procedures that could help my pain and she explained the pros and cons of each procedure. I feel very comfortable with the path that I've decided to take.

Gary C.
She has been very helpful with what to diagnosis and how to go through my skin to get my spot for injection. Thank you Terrie Penfold

Terrie P.
Add trigger point injections, Pain level was extremely high before. I had the shots. Day after my back is starting to feel a little better. Marissa always does an excellent job.

Jason J.
Very compassionate and supportive, highly skilled and Knowledgeable, Great listener. Really cares about his patients.

Elizabeth T.
Marissa Reen, Dr. Dunn along with their entire support staff have provided me with outstanding care for over 10 years. They always take the time to listen to me. I never feel rushed! They sincerely care for their patients.

Kathryn D.
Dr Morgan has been very helpful in addressing my pain issues. The process is slow but we are making progress!

Richard D.
Marissa is very knowledgeable and works hard to help me gain some pain relief.

Shawna W.
Very helpful! Willing to work for their patients. Thank you for your service.

Keith Allen B.

Patricia R.
Everyone was extremely kind, doctor was thorough and he's so nice. Timely getting back to me and scheduling a follow-up appointment.

Evelyn R.
They took great care of me. My new visit schedule is great. There new systems sound outstanding. Looking forward to my next visit.

Paul W.
Excellent care

John D.
I saw Doctor Dunn on 1-9-24. He is currently setting up procedures to help my severe lower back and thigh pain. I highly recommend this doctor for anyone that has chronic pain issues. Thank you Doctor Dunn.

Dan O.
My experience was positive, the staff was friendly and professional. My doctor is knowledgeable and appears eager to help me.

Tanya W.
Marissa Reen is very friendly, knowledgeable and caring. The whole team at the Pain Specialist Of Oregon Office is just so very awesome.

Theresa C.
Marissa listens to you about what is happening. She discusses options until you understand. She is friendly and personable.

Linda S.
Caring, efficient and helpful

Joan P.
Marissa is wonderful! She was very pleasant and all of my concerns and never made me feel rushed.

Cynthia M.
As always courteous and friendly. Marissa makes me comfortable being there.

Herbert O.
I appreciate Dr Morgan and her PA, Marissa Reen very much! They keep me moving and functional with their nerve blocks, ablations, and other treatments that allow me to use minimal pain medications.

Pauline D.
Very professional and easy to get in

Julie S.
Great people! Reduced shoulder pain to 80%!

Douglas M.
Excellent work they provide clear information about procedures.

Georgia C.
Dr. Dunn cares. Takes time. Listens. Not always common anymore. Highly Recommend.

Russell A.
Dr. Dunn is my hero! I’m so appreciative of his care and love his sense of humor. He knows his stuff big time. Beyond grateful he’s my doctor.

Brenda D.
Like the office friendly people good service I have been with dunn over 10 years good dr.

Ina H.
Excellent caring provider. Finally someone who understands pain and is interested in helping.

Robert P.
Dr Morgan and all of her staff provide kindness, understanding, very explanatory, they over everything carefully and clearly and they provide care with excellent service. I highly recommend her and her staff

Kimberly O.
Marissa listens and I feel seen

Mitchell B.
Professional and caring. I leave there feeling he will be able to help me.

Marlene B.
The entire staff is very nice.

Greggory H.
I’m looking forward to receiving treatment for my back. Dr. Kemp and Marissa were very knowledgeable and encouraging.

Kathy Jo A.
Dr. Morgan is compassionate and explains in detail re proposed treatments. There was a glitch regarding my first6 post procedure follow-up that was apparently addressed.

Arlene L.
Dr Kemp is easy to talk to and takes the time to listen to your concerns. He is very thorough in his examination and his explanations are easy to understand.

Brenda R.
This was the best and most informative and helpful and hopeful that I have received in many years. There was respect and understanding and compassion. I thank them very much and hope that my future will be a little easier to deal with

Sheryl C.
Great service

Ronald P.
As always we are listened to with empathy!

Mary S.
Dr. Kemp always listens to my concerns. He tries very hard to help me control my back pain. I knows he looks out for me by being straight forth with medications.

Susan S.
Knowledgeable caring thorough always friendly.

Patricia F.
I love the doctors and the staff

Michelle A.
I felt heard. My concerns and goals for treatment were addressed respectfully.

Michelle S.
Frank is very through, always listens to our concerns and medical issues.

Brent R.
Marissa is very professional, caring and listens to what you're saying.

Lorie B.
Very nice and informative. Thank you. Looking forward to having the treatment. Hopefully it will be soon.

Diana L.
Frank is pleasant to talk to. He explained my results. We made a treatment plan . Thank you

Tracy B.
Very good

Marvin K.
Marissa is one of the best providers I have ever had. She is compassionate, thoughtful, and intuitive. I am blessed!

Pauline D.
Dr Kemp is very patient and thorough with explaining my options and treatments. He’s easy to talk to and doesn’t rush the appointment.

Paul M.
Very upset with myself for not being able to explain what I was feeling at that moment.

Deborah D.
It is always a pleasant visit. Everybody always have smiles, and are so friendly and personable. Not only do I receive great care, they are truly interested in my wellbeing.

Miles I.
I love Marissa! She’s knowledgeable and great to work with!

Andrea S.
Dr. Morgan really listen to her patients. The staff at the practice are friendly and competent.

Loree H.
I have been a patient here for a long time and during that time I had cancer twice. Dr Morgan took great care of me and now Marissa is taking great care of me. I couldn’t be happier.

Alan R.

Ronald S.

Isbel M.
Thanksgiving is upon us and I’m so very thankful for Dr. Morgan! I’ve been her patient for over 6 years. She is knowledgeable and thorough in discussing any pain management concerns or procedures yet she always has a friendly demeanor. When it comes to performing procedures she is outstanding. I trust her with all my chronic pain management issues and would recommend her to anyone who is suffering from chronic pain.

Julie W.

Patricia O.
Great And a good place to go to when you're in thing.

Dewayne U.
Dr Dunn and Frank Have treated my pain for several years. Without them , my chronic pain wouldn’t be able to be managed

Thomas T.
Brief , unnecessary visit in my opinion. Frank is very nice and professional. I enjoyed talking with him.

Richard W.
Marissa is very caring and is great

David L.
It was very professional and simple Frank Hillman was friendly and got my medicine sent to my pharmacy quickly

Kelli B.
Seemed like he was in a hurry.

Gayle C.
Always a positive experience with Dr Morgan

Jean C.
As always my visit with Marissa was very positive. She listens and answers questions as needed. She is very professional and knowledgeable.

Judy H.
♥️ Trats my family with respect and takes the times he needs to understand the issues then creates a plan to deal with it. Great guy ! His staff are awesome !

Donna H.
Takes the time to listen and is very caring.

Charlotte P.
The visit was worthwhile, Downside was only I had difficult understanding Dr. Kemp as it talked swiftly and softly.

Karen S.
Marissa is the best in so many professional ways. Listened to my complaints and concerns and took action to resolve or mitigate my issues. Ordered tests and procedures that have helped so much over the last few years. Fully explains my condition and her plan to resolve it.

Laurence D.
Always a pleasure to go to my doctor appointment. The staff is great and gets the job done. I would recommend any one I know to this doctor. Thanks for the continued awesome care. Dan O'Neal.

Dan O.
Always enjoy seeing marissa on my visits. Easy to talk to and explains everything I need to know. Been coming to the pain clinic for years and always feel comfortable.

Robbi S.
Very caring and passionate about trying to help my situation

Scott C.
I would recommend this clinic except for the front lady Danielle. She is the rudest, most disrespectful person I have ever dealt with. Everyone else I enjoy dealing with.

Brenda B.
And the same goes for Dr Morgan as Marissa Nancy

Nancy N.
Patiently listened to my concerns Visually explained answers to my questions

Nancy N.
I always enjoy my time with marissa, she is so good at her job and I can talk with her so well.

Robbi S.
I trust him to make the right decisions for me

Jerry T.
Always professional, respectful, and knowledgeable, and efficient.Been with them 20 years or so.

Wesley E.
Everybody there is fantastic. The girls upfront are always nice polite and professional. They have a smile and it’s always good when you walk in. Dr. Frank is very professional and I like him also. He is polite and tells me what to expect when I had my Ablation I recommend your office to everybody that needs help with their back. Mine has improved greatly since I’ve been seeing Dr. Dunn,.

Diane P.
Med follow up w/Marrissa. I would like to have some of my visits to be Teleheath Zoom calls, (per insur. policy, of course.)I am driving 78 miles, one way, and it's pretty uncomfortable. And cost of fuel is a factor, as well. Except for the occas. UA/physical exam, a 5-min in-person visit really isn't necessary for every visit. We have tech availability & ought to use it more. Thanks for considering. HB

Helen B.
Marissa has been my PA for approximately 4 years. She is an outstanding PA providing high end medical treatment, advice and referrals. She is exceptional at listening to my explanation of my health issues. Provides feedback to clarify and assist my understanding of conditions and next steps.

Gary B.
I want to that the team at Oregon pain specialist for there dedication in maintaining a positive, knowledgeable, and professional practice. I specifically like to thank Jean and her staff for their support and the positive environment they provide. Jean you are a rock star and you create such a positive environment. To Dr. Dunn you are equally as amazing. You and your staff make the procedures fun and put your patients at ease. I appreciate Frank and his knowledge and willingness to explain and explore questions that patients might have. To all of you folks in all of these departments I truly want to thank you for all that you do. My life and health is so much better as a result of your efforts. If I were to share any one negative it would be the scheduling department. They always call when I am working even when I give them specific times. I can never get a hold of a person when returning calls. This is a huge barrier and one I understand from Frank that is being worked on. If they can fix this to be even half as good as the rest of the departments then Oregon Pain Specialists would be the best in the country. I appreciate all of your efforts. Dan

Daniel S.
Dr. Morgan is very knowledgeable and takes time to listen and understand your situation. She spent a great deal of time going over the MRI images and explaining my situation step-by-step. I feel very confident and appreciative that she is treating me. Gratefully, G I Sch

Ira S.
Marissa is very thorough and compassionate and she's really easy on the eyes. And all the rest of the staff that I have met have been fantastic.

Gregory R.
The treatments that pain specialists have provided to me have greatly improved my quality of life. Thank you, I recommend your facility to many people suffering with chronic conditions that affect their quality of life. I also discuss the benefits to my physicians office so they can make referrals to patients that would benefit.

Cindy B.
Doc was very knowledgeable about my situation and recommended me to a surgeon. Doc Morgan went through what was happening with my neck. Thanks to doc Morgan and her scribe.

Yolanda H.
Very good experience. DOCTOR WAS VERY CONSCIOUS of my problems and continued until he knew what my problem was.....

Patricia D.
Dr Morgan is one of a kind special. She knew I was hurting terribly and made space in her busy schedule to consult with me. Pain relief coming soon!

Brad H.
I have lived with chronic pain for 38 years so needless to say it's been difficult at times. Dr. Kemp has done several steroid injection and they have helped. He is very knowledgeable. kind, and compassionate. If I knew of anyone suffering from pain, I certainly would recommend this excellent physician!

Thomas B.
Both Dr and his assistant are great. I trust both and know everyone there works hard for me. Rexene

Rexene W.
I’m new to pain management so I didn’t know what to expect. Dr Kemp & his staff were warm and welcoming, with a comfortable demeanor that made me feel at ease. From the front office staff, to Dr Kemp himself, I had a great experience and honestly felt very confident in their ability to help me with this issue.

Kristy J.
Everybody is so nice and caring. I appreciate Dr. Dunn and his team for answering questions, and helping me understand a lot of different things going on with my care. Thank you all for your concern & kindness.

Robin M.
I really liked my dr. She was very nice and gave me a great exam . She explained everything so I could understand.

Annette S.
Dr.Kemp was amazing! He was so nice and took his time. I was pleasantly surprised.

Tiffany W.
The doctor and her assistants were very attentive to my needs and took time to help me understand my condition and the best possible treatment options, as well as answer all my questions. I so appreciate the support!

Lee R.
Caring doctor who took the time to understand my needs and explain my options.

Kristin V.
I really enjoyed my experience here from being welcomed in when I checked in, to the very nice and helpful medical assistant to the very nice and welcoming Dr . The Dr was not in and out . She Sat there and listened, asked questions and answered my questions and did a thorough exam. I'm looking forward to my next appt.

Linnet B.
Other than this meeting being unnecessary Marissa was understanding of my situation. She explained the legal requirements placed on the doctors business when a patient makes any statement about harming themself. When asked why a video visit would not be sufficient she answered that you could not tell if someone might be under duress in a video visit, but you could in an in person visit. I just don't buy that logic. She did notice that I was having a hard time controlling pain that day and made time to give me trigger point injections.

Brian B.
Informative I felt comfortable with his suggestion

Rebecca H.

Kelly M.
Staff is always understanding. Dr always explains things so that I understand.

Jessica S.
The MILD treatment significantly helped my back pain. I can stand for longer and walk farther.

Mark D.

Thomas F.
Frank was kind and knowledgeable. He explained in detail each step of my care plan and performed my treatment without any painful effects. His expertise made my visit a wonderful experience. I would recommend Frank to anyone needing pain management.

D Kathy C.

Marla D.
Only had consultation so far, but office was very helpful and Doctor kind and thorough. Explained things well.

Joan P.
Frank was very nice. He listened to my dad and answered any questions he had. Frank is highly recommended.

Donald G.
Dr Dunn talks to me and explains things by going over all exams. Feels like he will get me to less pain

Mary W.
I’m pleased with the attention Marissa showed to my PNS insertion area. She tried, in vain, to get it to work properly. I will be more pleased if we can schedule a date to repair the wires. Haven’t heard from anyone yet!

Michael C.
Always kind, friendly and helpful staff.

Michelle P.
Frank was very helpful and answered my questions about the possible outcome of my recent procedure.

Robert O.
Would like to have talked about other pain alternatives and about my ketamine use which didn't happen and the lidocaine thing that Dr Dunn was talking about my last appointment.

Carrie R.
Marissa characterizes what this practice is about. Compassionate, friendly, caring treatment.

Michael G.
I appreciated Marissa’s listening ear, encouragement, and suggestions for next steps.

Dorothy S.
Finally, after many years, a perfect example of a doctor who takes the time to explain complex issues with the patience and knowledge that not all of us have a medical license. Rarely do I ever look forward to a doctors visit. I do now.

Michael L.
Very nice staff. Dr Kemp is a really good person.

Mary L.
thank you

Arne S.
I would like to thank Dr.Dunn very much for my 10/27/23 visit. I am very aware that I was having one of my really bad days out in public that morning, what with lumbar / sacral region pain that was grinding me down, and that I was struggling with very bad brain fog and 'skullache' as well, which made my communication skills less than ideal. It generally takes my body until about 11 a.m. or later, for overnite musculoskeletal tensions to unwind, and it turned out my body was just not in an ideal functioning/ interactive space that early that day, especially with such important issues to discuss. So, I want to offer my sincere apologies for how I presented, and in recognition of all this, I want to say that Dr. Dunn did a superb job in respecting my difficult medical challenges and complexities, and the also the complexities relating to my new transfer to him after having been a patient of Dr. Kasubeee at a different practice in town for five years. So, please pass this along to Dr. Dunn. I want him to know that I very much valued his professional and personal skills, and I indeed am looking forward to working with him and trying to figure out how we might make some positive improvements to my bodily health and well being. A day and half after that visit, my internal bodily tissue/ bone/nerve ? placements shifted a little for the better, currently affording me approx. a thirty %reduction in pains and fog from what I brought in to his office this past Friday. That's how my body tends to work... and it could go south again at any unpredictable moment as well. So again, thank you very much for your expertise and kindness. Sincerely, Russell Ramo

Russell R.

Scott T.

Scott T.
Always very helpful

Shari L.
Doctor and office staff were very professional.

Sandra B.
knowledgeable, easy to talk to. first visit was great.

Alvin H.
Marissa is great! I have always loved Pain Specialists of Oregon. Dr. Dunn is the most wonderful doctor and both him and Marissa are both very compassionate and good and explaining things.

Kacey L.
Dr Dunn is awesome! He was warm, friendly, knowledgeable, patient. He explained everything! So kind and helpful.

Barbara J.
Used kiosk Went good

Robert O.
Very friendly and sincere attention to my problems.

Larry F.
Marissa is very kind and I was filling out my paperwork about the pain and she explained how I could explain it in a way that would work better for me and my care.

Judy S.
Dr. Kemp is very professional and easy to talk with.

Paul M.
Dr camp is very personable and it was a great experience. I’m thoroughly impressed with his patient care

Bradley F.
I like Dr Kemp. He is knowledgeable and energetic about what can be done. I was able to schedule procedures and follow-ups quickly. Great experience. My pain has been reduced.

Lori O.
Dr Kemp was extremely thorough with his description and analysis of my medical issue. He is very competent and shows great care for his patients.

Thomas W.
I came away feeling confident that Dr. Dunn heard my worries and would find the right course of treatment. His analysis was spot on and I look forward to my next visit.

George Q.
I have been dealing with the pain since 2021, it's been 2 years. I just want healed.

Katrina L.
My visit with Frank was very satisfactory. He was not only interested in the results of my recent procedure but also asked questions about any other pain I was having and let me know they could help with that also if I liked.

Cynthia M.
Great staff. Excellent care. Compassionate and understanding. Thankful for the team!

Dani S.
I like her directness.

Diana L.
Great Doctor and person. Great manner about him. Does a good job explaining how drugs work. I have a lot of confidence in him.

Frank P.
I liked the way Dr Morgan explained what was going on with my back. She went over my mri thoroughly. And then, she gave me another option for treatment. So, thumbs up for my visit.

Christina Leigh M.
Pai n speaciali8 have always been there for. Me. All staff are friendly. Marissa and Dr. Morgan are the greatest!!!

Shannon C.

Carolyn L.
As always a comfortable and professional setting with great communication and care

Sandra H.
Very informative and amount of empathy I really appreciated

James B.
Marissa is always so polite and helpful and concerned with my health and how I'm feeling . I recommend her to anyone with chronic pain . Thank you Marissa for all your help.

Patricia M.
Very friendly and informative regarding the services that they would be providing me

Christopher M.
I love Dr. Morgan and her assistant and MA. The front desk (Danielle) is extremely rude.

Brenda B.
Doctor Kemp gave me a thorough examination . He ordered X-rays and gave me a prescription for pain. At least now I will know why I am experiencing so much pain.

Anthony S.
The people there are always friendly, and they are very understanding to what you're going through.

Janise T.
In my opinion, Marissa is the best Phyicians Assistant in that office. She shows concern and listens to the patient. She makes you feel that she knows what she's talking about. She is my preferred person to see for my visits. David Collins 07/24/54

David C.
Very professional, all around good person.

Catherine E.
It was short and to the point.I was in a bit of shock with results .I was in a lot of pain and waited for about an hour.That is my only complaint with experiance

Stan W.
It was a great in person experience. I just wish I was able to have a virtual since I live in Florence.

Randal L.
Dr. Dunn was very knowledgeable and explained things very well. Patient, friendly, and personable.

Peter J.
Excellent ! ! !

James S.
Nice understanding doctor.

Karen M.
Marissa has been great with me. She cares and listens to me and my health concerns.

Audrey O.
Frendly and efficient

Susan P.
Very nice people. Dr. Morgan was great. She explained everything to me in a way I could understand

Dorothy C.
Much relief that a procedure can help me

Randy R.
The Dr was great

Treavis O.
Always great to see Dr. Dunn

Denise S.
Dr Kemp and his team ,truly care about our wellbeing and want to help you out

Delana J.
Took time to answer my questions and inform me of an upcoming procedure.

Lewis T.
Doctor listens well and always has an idea for the next step of treatment.

Ariadne K.
Very complete exam and excellent explanation, if have further problems I will return

Richard T.
very good professional and caring thank you very much

Michael C.
Very easy to talk to. Understands your problems.

Linda J.
Hillman is friendly, knowledgeable and professional.

Peter J.
Marissa's quality of care is outstanding. She listens. Takes effective action/treatment. Provides great advice.

Gary B.
Frank was great

Nick L.
I really like seeing Marissa. She addresses all my issues with suggestions..

Carol B.
very comfortable, a pleasant visit

Karen D.
everyone is so nice and helpful. I woudnt want to go anywhere else

Terri B.
Never any long waits. Everyone in the office is very kind and courteous. Dr.Kemp is an awesome doctor. I always have very good pain relief after a procedure.

Steven Lee M.
Dr. Kemp was well versed on my file before our first meeting and provided solutions to my care without interruption, as I am a new patient referred by Dr. Kassube.

Michelle R.
I have been going to Dr Dunn for years. He has never disappointed. His staff is kind and helpful.

Herbert O.
Dr. Morgan takes the time I need to understand my diagnosis and the treatment for it. She’s kind and caring.

Cynthia I.
Very professional and friendly

Julie S.
For having such a crap situation to deal with I really appreciate that Dr. Kemp took time look over everything, and explain things so i could understand with out discreting me.

Rachelle S.
Great visit

Margarita G.
Took the time to talk to me about options for my back problems.

Melbert G.
Dr. Morgan listens to me and explains what she is going to do very clearly.

Roxanne S.
Dr. Dunn was extremely patient and kind. He had an incredible amount of knowledge diagnosing where my pain originated and had a plan to alleviate my symptoms in place before I left the exam room. I am confident in his approach and look forward to having my pain managed in the near future.

D Kathy C.
Everyone there is friendly and encouraging. It helps me deal with the requirements created by irresponsible drug users.

Donna K.
Everyone is kind, competent, and honest. As frightened as you may be, you are treated with compassion.

Karen P.
Compassionate. Good knowledge of pain mechanisms and sharing that woth patients.

Valerie S.
Marissa is amazing as always

Catherine G.
I absolutely trust Marissa with my pain management. She’s the best.

Sherry W.
Very good

Arne S.

Susan S.
Marissa is an exceptional Physicians Assistant. She's caring, smart, consistent with the care. She's always got a smile on her face, and your best interest at heart.

Dale L.

Linda H.
Great place and Drs

Kelly M.
Can you prepare for your visit by looking over your notes, ask appropriate questions, attentive, tries to get down to the core problem.

Gary H.
He”a Professional and pleasant in how he handles his appts. He asks for my input and listens and therapy is provided.

Marianne P.
Frank was very understanding with my concerns with the Nalu device. After talking with him all my questions were answered to my satisfaction. He also let the rep Allison help with my concerns. After talking with both of them I decided to follow through with the procedure.

Michael A.
Excellent care by professionals who really care about their patients.

Frances D.
As a new patient with developmental challenges I found Dr Morgan to be compassionate and patient in understanding my pain issue.

Richard D.
Kind professional care

Amber S.
Dr. Kemp is an exemplary doctor. He is by far the most professional and understanding doctor I have ever come in contact with. He understands my needs and exhibits the ability to help my pain and understanding of how the pain occurs. He then prescribes or performs the necessary remedy to help me get through the day as pain-free as possible. I highly recommend pain specialist to anyone in Oregon. That is seeking pain relief. Thank you guys you’re the best.

Cristopher W.
Marissa very thorough Went thru all possibilities Gave me the best options going forward

Dennis S.
The appointment was fine. I just feel like I need to see a surgeon. So I will be calling to get in to see one. Thank You for your help.

Mary W.
Fantastic as always! Dr Kemp and his whole staff is amazing. They are knowledgeable and very compassionate. Definitely would recommend going here.

Kitty G.
Good visit

Kelli M.

Daniel Z.
Frank listens, reviews possible options which currently seem limited.

Beverlee C.
I found Frank to be very knowledgeable & helpful. He is friendly & funny too.

Cheryl L.
Marissa is very good at what she does, happy she is there.

Martin V.
Marissa listened to me tell of the fall that resulted in fractured and displaced ribs and a partially collapsed lung. She understood my frustration with the pharmacy being out of the necessary medication. When I suggested paper script, as opposed to electronic transmission. she agreed and gave me paper prescriptions so that I have some flexibility should an "out of stock" situation reoccur.

Lee F.
I had no quality of life with

Annette R.
Great job

Ronald P.
It was good to see a doctor who actually does a physical exam

Judith N.
I like Dr Kemp. He was clear and thorough. I left feeling confident in my treatment plan.

Lori O.
Marissa always takes time with me to try and help. I never feel rushed with my concerns and sudden changes in my back. She is very caring and I am lucky to have her.

Diahn E.
Have been taking care of my back pain for 5 years! Thank you!!

Lorraine W.
Doctor Kemp gave me a thorough exam and explained options available

Brenda R.
Dr. Dunn took the time to do a thorough evaluation, explain the results and discuss/explain treatment options.

Becky R.
Surgery and overall treatment were excellent, however the hospital wait times was a little much.

Edward F.
Always informative, questions answered, efficient office.

Linda P.
Your staff is wonderful!!

Diane P.
Frank has been a great listener throughout my care at PSO.

Richard D.
Thank you for listening and hearing. It makes a big difference to my mom.

Lisa C.
Dr Morgan is a first class ladylike. She really cares for her patients and is willing to help patients in need.

Margaret W.
Great wonderful explanation gave us so much confidence in his evaluation!

Clayburn L.
The practioners (this last visit, Marissa Reen, PA) at this clinic are always very attentive, take the time to answer questions and work with me to work on a plan of care whether medications or interventions Very professional and supportive

Beverly S.
Dr Kemp actually listened to me describe my pain & HEARD what I was saying. He built my pain from what I had to say & built a

Clayburn L.
Things always go well with Frank!

Brent R.
Amazing like always. Your treated as a person and friend not a payment.

Jason C.

Jessie L.
Very organized, on time- everyone made you feel comfortable

Nadine H.
I always walk out of his office confident in his care

Christine J.
Marisa is always helpful and supportive. She always answers my questions completely.

Peggy B.
Good doctor

Richard Jay M.
Staff front desk staff, billing staff and support staff with exception to nurses are rude and extremely slow at responding to questions and information

Me....Wendy L.
Always the best

Jerry T.
He's a nice respectful young man who's willing to sit down and discuss the issues and be upfront and honest which is a major relief for me understanding how the patient feels and what the patient needs is very very important not a lot of doctors take the time to know that but this person did thank you

Linda J.
Only one visit at this time, but everything went smoothly in scheduling, and being seen. This was a consultation visit and Dr. Morgan was very knowledgeable, and answered my questions regarding to the health issue I was being seen for.

Phyllis O.
They always take care of my pain

Lorie B.
Dr Dunn is one of the most caring and understanding physicians I’ve ever have had to deal with. I really appreciate him.

Carol R.
Dr Morgan and her staff are amazing, kind, and professional. I see them for back, shoulder and neck pain. They are very caring and supportive.

Margaret W.
May be a duplicate review. Marissa is a great person in general to have an appointment with. She listens well, was informed of my status before walking into the exam room, was direct in asking and answering questions, with the ability to provide substantial information regarding treatments and options. Could go on and on, definitely recommended here.

Michael G.
Dr Dunn always takes the time to listen to what’s going on with me trying to find root answers and is very friendly and welcoming to come see.

Stephanie B.
Dr Morgan and her PA, Marissa Reen are miracle worker! With my chronic pain in several locations, they have used multiple approaches to manage my pain: trigger point injections, epidural steroid injections, nerve ablation, a spinal curd stimulate implant, referral to PT, and lidocaine infusions, all which minimizes my need for narcotics. I feel very blessed to have been referred to this clinic!

Pauline D.
Marissa Reen PA-C. was excellent. She listened to my observations of the pain I am experiencing and explained my treatment options. I was very comfortable with her recommendation and will be returning for treatment.

James B.
Takes time to explain treatment options. Excellent staff. Excellent care. Highly recommend

James B.
Professional, agood lister

Vernon G.
Very skilled at what he is doing and explains all you need to know about the procedure and any other questions you have about your condition.

Ginny C.
Very polite and knowledgeable about various options for treating chronic pain on a personal level.

Michael G.
Really good

Mary C.
Punctual. Addressed my needs

Mary G.
Dr. Dunn is very good at what he does! Explains everything and let’s you know everything! 20 years and counting so he must be good!

Bruce B.
Response is genuine,informative and helpful Also quick in finding ways to help in my unique needs I am grateful to be a patient of Dr Morgan

Stan W.
She's very thorough. Knowledgeable, patient and truly listens to and addresses my questions/concerns.

Jennifer C.
Dr. Morgan is a compassionate listener, an excellent communicator and teacher. Her recommended procedures have given me help so that I can live my life and enjoy it and continue to have hope for more improvement. I am very grateful!

Maya B.
Marissa is a good listener and a knowledgeable and compassionate communicator.

Maya B.
Answered my questions and listened to me tell how painful these injections were. On a scale of 1-10 it was a14 for over a week, I even called into the office as it was so painful. They were shooting jabbing across my low back down both legs with left so painful. So I showed Frank where it was then he said what about here and I said oh ow ow ow thats it too! My symptoms were back in flare mode of pain. I am starting to feel better today. This was the worst reaction I have ever had with my im injections in my si joints. The staff has always been professional and friendly even on phone calls. Thank you

Teresa F.
Dr. Dunn has been treating my back for a good number of years He has always been respectful & patient in giving me information & advise. He has kept me on my feet & treated & managed my pain making it possible to be active for a78 yr. Old

Teresa H.
Dr Kemp and his staff are always very nice

Cynthia M.
Due to circumstances I saw Frank and not Dr. Morgan . That’s okay. He was pleasant. He still makes me feel uncomfortable as I am anticipating being scorned by the end of the visit. I am grateful for a more positive outcome.

Sharon C.
The procedures they use, make me feel better and relieve the pain and discomfort

Robert J.
Marrisa is always great to work with.

Allen R.
On time. Very informative. Answered all my questions. Pleasant & well groomed.

Evaline W.
It was fine

Nadine P.
I feel really comfortable talking to him about the pain I've been having, and I like the way they treat there patients. They know that we are dealing with real problems

Kenneth Y.
Marissa is great as is Dr Dunn, my only problem isn’t with them but with the State of Oregon, people are in pain like I am and the State of Oregon controls what we can get for our pain, but yet they legalize marijuana, mushrooms, etc.. for just anyone.

David L.
Dr. Kemp has a great attitude and is very helpful and understanding of his patients. I would recommend him to anyone out there that needs help by a pain specialist!!

Harvey M.
DUH! 5 stars as always. I have been Dr. Morgan's patient since December 2017. She's always treated me with kindness, and her incredible experience in treating me all these years is beyond awesome! I thank you Dr. Donna.

Jennifer I.
Outstanding. Dr Kemp is knowledgeable as well as kind and understanding.

Bridgett B.
Have seen them many times they do a wonderful job in our concerned with how much pain I have and try to get rid of it

Frances R.
As usual, totally informative, helpful, caring

Myron R.
Pain Specialist of Oregon, Dr. Dunn, Frank Hillman & the rest of the staff or all awesome. They do their best to help with your needs, going the extra mile for you.

Dena E.
I like Dr Dunn. We have the fighting arts in common. He knows his profession and informed me very well as to what the next stage would be in the future. I not sure if we were going to start physical therapy that is my only question He’s a good guy.

Arlin L.
As always, the interaction with the receptionist, CNA, and Marissa is always warm and welcoming. They look after me with caring, hands and encouragement.

Joy B.
Excellent, he was thorough in explanating things and help direct me in a path forward after ablation success. Answered all my questions..

Debbie M.
No wait time. Dr. Kemp took all the time I needed to go over my symptoms and talk about ways to improve my pain.

Dennis M.
Dr Kemp and his nurse were great. Very ope and easy to talk too. Thank You!!

Randy S.
Marissa is a very competent and caring PA. I’ve always been treated with respect and compassion by her.

Michele H.
I drive 2 1/2 hours to the Dr and it's nice to always be seen in a timely manner, the staff is always kind, friendly and compassionate

Brenda H.
Attentive, caring and efficient.

Wesley E.
Dr Morgan is always pleasant.

Carolyne W.
Love her manner, knowledge, professionalism.

Jackie H.
Dr kemp was very kind, understanding and gave good explanations of conditions and treatments.

Merissa M.
My experience wasn’t as planned. We had complications when placing the spinal cord stimulator into my spine after that it all went downhill,I had to have two blood patches and still after all of that I’m still having headaches and my neck is the same as it was with the pain the stimulator has been removed and I didn’t have another one replaced it was very painful and I had injections also all in all I had all three doctors do a procedure and another doctor that was there give me some pain injections that didn’t work either I rescheduled and came back inAnd had an appointment with Dr. camp we discussed the options and decided I went through enough for now. I’m still in pain and I’m just gonna see if it subsides on its own,I really appreciate Dr.kemp’s Passion he’s a very good doctor in my opinion,And if my pain continues I will be making an appointment to see Dr. Kemp once again.thankyou

Carleen C.
Dr. Kemp is very personable and caring. He was running late, apologized and then took plenty of time to listen to my concerns. I don’t mind waiting when I know he spends the necessary time with all of his patients. The supporting staff is always kind and helpful as well.

Cynthia M.
Everyone was prompt and courteous. Had the procedure explain throughly. Made me fell confident in the procedure.

Kenneth C.
Good caring people

Amber S.
Dr. Morgan is an excellent doctor.

Diann M.
Very personable and warm professional. She was able to explain what was wrong with my neck and how it could be fixed. I'm looking forward to seeing her again.

Judith A.
Everything went great. Painless and everyone was super nice. Looking forward to my my next appointment,

Larry E.
Dr Kemp listens to me and tells me what he thinks should be done.

Kenneth N.
Great result and even better people!

Charles B.
She was informative

Teresa P.
Treāted in an efficient, courteous manner.

Linda P.
She is quite thorough and listened to my needs and addressed them completely. I always feel confident working with Marissa.

Tamara C.
The situation with my back--spinal stenosis--was explained and verified with my MRI and bone scan reports and possible ways to reduce the pain were discussed. I am still awaiting a call regarding the administration of steroid shots.

Judith S.
Thank you Dr Morgan for your continued care.....

Barbara H.

Frank T.
Meeting with Frank is always a pleasure. He is knowledgeable and caring. In addition, I met with the Nalu representative, Alison, who is fantastic. She really cares and is making sure that the device will work as well as it possibly can.

Lois M.
The doctor and staff treated we very well. Dr Kemp was kind and considerate.

Irene C.
Such a great listener! Doesn’t rush you through your time with him. Then he makes a plan of attack to help you with your pain. Chronic pain ? He’s the guy! Make your appointment and please trust that he follows through with his plan to get you back to better, more manageable life. Thanks Dr Kemp ! You Rock !

Donna H.
i was not too impressed with frank, liked Dr Morgan

Elizabeth B.
Dr. Kemp was personable, caring , informative, and explained the options to my condition for therapeutic support in a way that was understandable.

Cheryl S.
Took too long to be seen

Elizabeth G.
I would love to thank u so much for continuing helping and not losing me in a bunch of papers . I know u all really care and give excellent care from the moment u walk threw ur doors Thank u all and God bless u all

Victoria L.
Informative and hopefully helpful visit. Very nice doctor.

Robert M.
Dr. Morgan and staff make us feel comfortable because the are courteous and competent. Driving back to Roseburg after our last visit we felt joyfully overwhelmed and fortunate to be working with you.

Deborah J.

Jeffry H.
I always get the best care at pain spec of Oregon! I love the doctor and the staff.

Heather C.
Dr Dunn is very precise and gentle. He always explains what he is doing.

Judy H.
I have been a patient of Dr. Morgan’s for a long time. She is always so caring and professional. It may take a bit of time to get in to see her but she is a great doctor and worth waiting to get in to see her.

Maureen W.
Thorough, well explained route of treatment.

David M.
Dr .Hillman is very friendly and seems generally concerned about your issues .He takes time and explains things that you might have a question about . Tammi Herrington

Tammi H.
Dr Morgan spent time explaining my options. Surgical vs non-surgical. Thx a lot.

Dennis S.
I really appreciated your time and careful explanations. Thanks much. Bob

Robert S.
Dr Kemp is very thorough and really wants to help his clients with pain control. I appreciate his time to listen and treat me the way he feels will help me the most. Very nice guy!

Lisa J.
Information was very helpful. Dr. Morgan will answer any and all questions.

Russell J.
Frank listened to me and welcomed any questions I had.

Linda H.
Donna Morgan MD is absolutely wonderful. She is kind and caring and gives wonderful injections. I have seen her twice for a spinal injection and bursa injections. She takes time with you and listens to you. I felt comfortable with her immediate and knew I was in great hands. I highly recommend her if you are living in pain or considering surgery. The whole staff is excellent. Donna Coffey, Roseburg Oregon

Donna C.
Dr Kemp is a good listener, explains procedures well and doesn’t rush you through.

Dorothy A.
Dr Dunn always listens to my concerns and explains things so I understand. Great doctor.

Glenda B.
Frank's good people, and quality healthcare provider. Competent, practical, listens but is also able to just get the business handled and get going.

Sean S.
Marissa is very kind and takes the time to really talk to you! And you don't feel like you have to hurry up. I really feel like she cares how I am doing and that is so important when you don't feel well and need someone to hear you!

Judy S.
Friendly, informative for on going spinal problems.

William M.
Frank is very easy to talk to. I appreciate his sense of humor and compassion. We are on track with the next phase of tx I have nothing but love for this whole practice. Dr Morgan is amazing and was very supportive of me when I had several dearth’s over a very short period of time including my parents in-laws and two dogs. Compassion runs deep in this practice. Ty you all for your awesome commitment to patient care

Molly H.
Dr. Dunn and his staff always treats me great. It is one Dr. Office I don't mind going to.

Paul W.
I feel there are lifeline to be able to tolerate severe pain and have helped me more than anyone

Marla D.
I didn't understand the survey I still have the same level of pain after walking about 50' N standing for a few minutes. I still have same level of no pain when walking shorter distances or sitting shorter time I don't experience any difference

Bruce B.
Dr Kemp was great to work with. Confident and well informed. Spent extra time answering my questions.

Teresa H.
I really appreciated the care I got at my last visit. Dr Hiiman took care of my pain and was very sympathetic. Thank you.

Lorraine W.
I do love Dr M, and I won’t knock all the good her and her staff have done over the years for me, however I wish we could address other chronic pain issues instead of always focusing on my back. It’s kinda frustrating cause I feel like I’m not being heard about treating other issues fibromyalgia, endometriosis amongst other things that need medication treatment as well ,just my back, everything goes hand in hand. Primary don’t care they hear pain management so they don’t address any other (pain issues) at all. I feel like all that’s focused on now is lowering my dose every single time, while at the same time my spine is getting worse?? it’s just stressful and confusing , as if I just love being reliant on opioids to function in my daily life.

Shawna S.
Very caring and understanding. Is helping in every way possible. Quick to get appointment.

Carrie Jo G.

Earl V.
Frank was who I saw last week and it was a wonderful experience. He took a lot of time and answered my questions and help me understand ‘where we go from here’. I appreciated his expertise…❣️

Marilyn W.
Frank is awesome, knows exactly where to give me my tpi, and quick to relieve any new areas of inflammation.

Cari V.
I've been going to pain consultants for over 15 years and I've never had anything but great care. Dr. Morgan is a great doctor who listens to your concerns and has always been there when I needed help. Dr. Morgan's P.A. is Marissa Reen and she is without a doubt one of the best medical providers I've ever had. Marissa is very good at her job ,she's compassionate and really cares about me as a person. I could go on for hours saying how much I trust and appreciate the great care Marissa provides . If you are looking for great professional pain doctors I would highly recommend Dr. Morgan and especially P.A Marissa Reen.

William D.
I have been going to dr Morgan since I had cancer for the second time she and her staff have worked with me to manage my pain and have tried everything from shots to many medications to find a way to have quality of life I have have had two neck fusions that cause pain have had non Hodgkin lymphoma and bone cancer stage four two times within two years and broke my back in three places And many complications since cancer from lung problems to lymphodemia and have chronic infections from cellulitis have lost all of my teeth from chemo and last time chemo was done I went into aniphilatic shock because of my reaction to medications I have been to neurologists and neurosurgeons for my neck pain and numbness and nothing can be done except use something for the pain every time I try to use something else for the pain it doesn’t work or causes terrible side effects that insurance has to pay for I had a severe reaction to calcium alienate which destroyed the skin on both of my legs scarring and leaving open wounds on my legs and this doctor Morgan has worked with me through all of this and because of everything I am dealing with l have anxiety and panic attacks and have tried many other medications also finding something that I didn’t have bad side effects from has not been easy but dr Morgan finally found what would give me some relief I don’t think I would be alive without her she is the only dr that understands what I have been through Debra Fuller

Debra F.
Dr. Kemp listens well and asks questions. I never feel as though he is distracted or in a hurry. He is pleasant and has a sense of humor. I believe he is technically proficient because I have received productive treatment for my knees, neck, lower back and hips. When my knees got too bad for treatment he referred me to Slocum.

Susannah S.
Always a good experience

Corina C.
They explained what was causing my pain and how they were going to treat it in words that I could understand.

Jerry T.
Frank is amazing. He really cares about his patients and their health and well-being. I would send friends and family to see him at Pain specialist Oregon.

Margaret W.
My only complaint is that you are to busy LOL. I’ve never had a bad experience at Pso I appreciate the knowledge of Dr. Dunn and Marissa. I trust them with all my heart, Thank you for all you do! I pray God will always guide you and bless you.

Jill H.
Marrisa always has your best interest at heart and does what she can to help.

Allen R.
Pain Specialist , Dr. Adam Kemp, and staff are fantastic. Dr Kemp has found the solution for my spine, hips problems, and i no longer fear collapsing when my hip gives out on me; thanks also to Dr. Kemp's compassionate care in treating a very cranky spine that allows me, at 82, to stay on the Pickleball courts for 2 hours of matches everyday of the week. He truly is a wonder worker eith a heart!! Thanks to all there!!

Sally A.
Best understand, thoughtful pain management provider in this area. Dr. Kemp is my 3rd pain management provider. I thank God he excepted me as a patient. He has a different out look on my care and willing to think out side the box and pull out all his tools to management my pain. By far the best in the west.

Merril T.
All positive. Marissa was very professional, kind, and encouraged questions.

Richard B.
Honest and willing to help

David H.
Was a good visit. Will miss seeing marissa as much. She was so good at filling my pump and quick. Now i am having new people fill it and will miss marissa.

Robbi S.
Dr Dunn takes a lot of time talking to you, trying to understand your pain. Unfortunately he is confined in the type of treatment he can offer by the same draconian laws that all other healthcare providers are working under. It’s a sad state of affairs when an anti-drug law enforcement agency dictates to physicians what treatments and medications they are allowed to use to treat patients!

Richard H.
Dr. is extremely knowledgeable and explains every detail of her procedures in a manner which is very understandable. She is helpful and compassionate. Her expertise in the spine snd nerves is her best feature. I could understand easily what she was explaining to me about my back and spine.

Diann M.
They Listen to you. Discuss everything.

Teresa B.

Jason J.
Very pleasant

Sandra A.
Dr Kemp and his back office staff are amazing. I feel so fortunate to have been referred to them. They are kind, efficient and knowledgeable. After my first visit with Dr Kemp I knew I was in the right hands. He knew exactly how to treat me and I’m encouraged that I will be feeling much better soon.

Deborah M.
First visit. We will see how the rest goes in order to give you accurate survey

Arlin L.
Marissa and the rep from Nalu met with me to remove the temporary leads. They patiently explained what to expect and answered my questions.

Steven K.
Took necessary time. Understood my issue and concerns. Provided deliberate answers.

Timothy V.
Frank was very caring. Appropriate treatment approach. Communicated well with my mother.

Valerie S.
Frank explained the process of having a spinal cord stimulator implanted to where I could understand all involved.

Ladonna D.
The treatment hasn’t culminated yet. The RFA has not been scheduled yet, but the doctor and staff have been very patient and kind.

Nancy N.
Kind, Caring, Patient, Friendly and had steady hands.

Roseana P.
On time; staff were friendly & professional; Dr Morgan addressed my questions and gave very clear information

C Michael T.
Discuss ongoing treatment for intractable pain . Following new pump placement not believed to be as effective as last one

Wanda H.
I feel like Dr Kemp will Cary through to alleviate some of my pain and make my every day life more enjoyable and healthier.

Marlene B.
Helpful and understanding..

Audrey B.
Staff friendly and professional. Frank listens well and has helpful suggestions regarding medications

Lola C.
Marissa is always caring and compassionate. She keeps current on innovations in pain management, and is an amazing advocate.

Pauline D.
Nurses and dr were all very professional and knowledgeable!!

Elsie S.
comfortable, good discussion

Lisa Z.
Doctor was a bit late, but that’s expected. Was pleasant to speak with. Took care of my concern.

Stanley S.
Dr Kemp appeared knowledgeable, concerned, and interested in determining how he could help with my specific issues with the minimal use of invasive procedures. He reviewed my history, discussed his interpretation of my MRI’s, performed a physical exam to narrow down diagnostic options, and included my preferences when discussing treatment options and developing a treatment plan. I felt comfortable in proceeding with the plan we discussed.

Sally B.
Kind, knowledgeable, professionals

Barbara F.
Dr. Kemp took time to assess my problems and then thoroughly walked me through a treatment plan. The staff and facility is top notch.

Evaline W.
Very pleasant and welcoming group from the reception staff to the Medical Assistant to Dr. Dunn. Looking forward to working with them and seeing them again.

Richard W.
Willing to listen, explain and describes the best solution for pain management

Theresa V.
On time, courteous, and thoroug.

Susan P.
Great, grand and groovie

Nick S.
Dr Morgan explained my mri results to me very clearly and compassionately !

Carla D.
Caring and professional, Dr. Kemp throughly explained options and possibilities for treatment to help me evaluate my specific needs and lifestyle. I very much appreciated his approach while in his care.

Russell P.
I felt very well listened to, respected, and not dismissed as I have experienced with previous care providers.

Lorraine M.
It felt good to have a Dr that listened to me. And I felt like I could talk to him.

Mary C.
This was the first time I’ve see Marissa and I was touched by her concern.

Robin W.
Pleasant and answers all my questions regarding my pain issues without any judgment. My meds are always called in, and I receive a confirmation text and call. I especially appreciate this. It’s very stressful if the pharmacy says they can’t find it.

Karen H.
Procedure was explained very well. Happy with the information that we received.

Russell J.
Couldn’t ask for a any better service

Thomas H.
Listen to me, with promising results

Michael A.
My pain is gone and I feel great

Karen S.
Marissa is simply amazing. I saw her to discuss SI injections. I was getting ready to go on vacation in two weeks. I received a call from the scheduler before I got home, Marissa expressed to her that I would love to get the injection before I left town. I also just love Jean. So kind and efficient. You guys are simply awesome!

Judy H.
Marissa is skilled and compassionate. I appreciate her care.

Rebecca L.
Appreciate such a kind and helpful staff. Dr. Morgan was friendly, informative, answered questions and gave us very good explanations re treatment and procedure. Thank you very much!!

Edith C.
They care about your well being..best doctors office around... nothing comparable

Bradley A.

Helen S.
Professional, it takes too long for appointments and treatments. Thus about pain!

Vernon G.
Dr Morgan is kind and I feel like she really listened to what I had to say. I would recommend her to anyone with pain or other problems.

Tina G.
I've been a patient of Dr Morgan over 15 years and I highly recommend her office for all chronic pain issues. Marissa has been part of Dr Morgan's staff for a long time and I've learned to appreciate her as well. They remember you and understand the daily struggle pain sufferers live with and offer a wide variety of options to solve or at least reduce pain to a tolerable level. Thank you to everyone at Pain Specialists.

Kathleen M.
Quick and easy !

Claude H.
Dr Dunn and his staff are absolutely wonderful!

Charlotte I.
Dr. Dunn is wonderful! He listens, explains and provides the best care. He's calm, relaxed, pleasant and easy to approach with questions. He is down to earth and encouraging. He cares about the whole person; physical, mental and emotional. Thank you Dr. Dunn, for being great!

Andrew S.
Dr Dunn and his assistant were very friendly and helpful with my problems and finding out what I needed to focus on. I feel that my pain issues will be handled as soon as possible, and hopefully I won't have to end up in a wheelchair for the rest of my life.

Elizabeth D.
Always get great treatment

Sandra G.
I hadn't seen Frank in a long time. He bounced in & said, hi Gail how are you feeling today? He's always so friendly & I had no reservations in sharing with him my experience with surgery. He listened to my experience and was so helpful and friendly. He said everything looked very good & that I was healing super well. I'm so thankful for all the help he gave & it was good see him again.

Lavita C.
Dr Morgan always gives me the answers I'm seeking.

Kathleen D.
Since I have. Not had a neurological work-up I am still confused. Perhaps things will be better after next appointmen When I have seen a neurolosist.

Alen B.
Dr Dunn checked my pain area by touch. And by looking at MRI. I feel like he does care and may find my problem.

Mary W.
Still waiting treatment

Timothy M.
Frank is very knowledgeable, skilled, kind and compassionate. I feel like he takes the time to actually see me as a whole person.

Elizabeth T.
Everyone is polite there. Always helpful. They know what they're doing and do it very well. I don't think I would trust anyone else than Dr Dunn for putting needles into my back and arm.

Sharon P.
Dr. Morgan really listens to her patients, and advocates for us.

Loree H.
Kind, courteous providers and staff. Willing to listen and make recommendations for better health.

Gayla S.
Frank Hillman was on time with the appt and I wasn't kept waiting at all. He listens to me and makes adjustments as needed. He's easy to talk to and makes good recommendations and comments.

Teresa M.
Dr. Dunn is the best so kind and caring about you as a person. Also his office and medical staff are wonderful. Thank you for taking the time to talk with me after losing my husband it meant a lot to me. Mindy

Melinda B.

Stan W.
Fabulous as usual!

Jennifer I.
Dr. Kemp was very thorough, professional, caring and spent a lot of time with me to explain the process. Made me feel comfortable and confident.

Marlene B.

John D.
He knows we’re my reoccurring thing is. Injects those areas to release pain.

Marianne P.
Dr. Dunn is so upbeat and great. His positive attitude is so very comforting. Had suggestion on he could help relieve the pain

Brian B.
Dr Dunn is an excellent doctor; also has an amazing sense of humor

Peggy B.
Very good and helpful

Carolyn L.

Foley G.

Allen R.
Dr. Kemp took adequate time to discuss my situation and expand the discussion to other aspects of my health as well as the continuing problem of "cramping" in my right leg and pain in the hip.

James B.
Feel that you are very thorough and it gives me confidence in what you present.

Andrea G.
I wish every meeting with a provider could be as gratifying as each session I have with Frank Hillman.

Marilyn M.
It was great

Teresa B.
Thorough exam and explanations.

Timothy V.
Thank you for checking into the Intracept procedure with my insurance. I appreciate you!

Kelly G.
Dr Kemp was thorough, knowledgeable and personable. He provided me with the details needed to make an informed decision and a clear plan to go forward. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who might need help like I did.

Bradford S.
Been with Dr Dunn for about 20 years or so he’s always been professional, caring and attentive to any problems and issues and iPad. Thank you very much Dr Dunn highly recommend him.

Wesley E.
Mr. Hillman was very open about why Pain Specilists are not taking new “ prescription only” patients. At the same time he was very compassionate about my need for the medication. Will return to see him when I am ready to explore alternative options for pain relief.

Phyllis S.
I saw Dr. Dunn … he’s great at explaining things and we had a good talk with what’s going on with me. I appreciate it.

Robin M.
It was great l like Dr Dunn because he listens as does Frank over all it couldn't have been better

Sandra H.
Dr. Dunn listens to you & researches the best treatment options for you. Very pleased to have him on my care team

Dena E.
Very professional allowed me to ask questions and gave me great suggestions on how to treat my pain

Jolene H.
Dr.Morgan is a very local and caring doctor to her patients. She is very honest when it comes to what she can and won't be able to do for you. She also doesn't just push pills onto you, tries to correct the issue 1st and leaving meds as her last resort. I would definitely recommend Dr.Morgan to anyone of my friends and family members. Thank you for all your hard work Dr.Morgan and staff.

Holly B.
Frank gets to know his patients very well and what is needed to help them.

Sherry W.
The office staff is very helpful and friendly. Dr. Dunn is very knowledgeable and really looks for the right treatment. He and his staff explain things very well too.

Regina W.
They are always good to me there and they treat me well they listen to me and I don't have any problems in all of them and I like Dr Dunn and Frank really well

Frances R.
Answered all my questions in a friendly professional manner.

Sandra L.
All the Doctors and staff take such wonderful care of my Mom. I would recommend them to anyone!!

Carol T.
Always good visits , doctor nurses , all personnel.

Sandra G.
Staff, MA's, nurses and Marissa are always empathetic, kind, take time to listen to my concerns and always have answers and suggestions. I appreciated the willingness of your staff during Covid... Dr Dunn, thank you for listening and helping my chronic pain issues. I would highly suggest them to family and friends. Keep up the excellent work!!

Michelle P.
Took his time with me. Listened and explained what he wanted to do in moving forward.

Eleanore W.
Dr Morgan is always caring. Is a good listener and answers all of my questions

John R.
Listens well and proactive in finding the best method of care.

Corrine D.
Marisa is always great… answers my questions, make suggestions, and problem solved.

Peggy B.
She is always very professional and on time

Rodney R.
Ok just review from neck shot

Ina H.
Thank you for your helping me out

Michelle S.
I am treated with respect and listened to.

Michele H.
It was thorough and i felt hopeful.

Barbara H.
Very nice, took time with me.

Lori R.
Excellent doctor! Extremely knowledgeable and current, thorough, good listener, efficient, and caring. Dr. Dunn eliminated excruciating chronic nerve pain following a broken foot. His treatments eliminated my chronic sciatic lower back pain avoiding another surgery. He’s improved the quality of my life in spades!

Phyllis K.
All questions answered professionally and in a way that we cound understand.

Joanne M.
It was ok.

Janice C.
Repeat of prior symptoms. Good discussion about treatment path.

Robert S.
Dr Morgan gave us a very good description of what was causing my lower back pain & what I could expect from the treatment she suggested

Colette C.
Dr Dunn gave me hope that something could be done regarding my neck and face pain.

Diane H.
Staff is very helpful

Beryle F.
Frank was professional and answered all of my questions. He listened to me and made me feel he would set up an appointment in the near future for an RFI procedure which helped with my pain control more than any other procedure that I have had done at Oregon Pain Clinic. I am waiting to hear when I can have Doctor Dunn perform that procedure. Thank-you Ed DeNoyer

Edward D.
It's always excellent!

April H.
Dr Morgan is excellent

Carolyn M.
iT WAS GOOD TO HAVE dR. MORGAN TO SEE THIS TIME. Sure wish it didn't take so long to get to Eugene and back for a 20 minutes visit. Nothing can be done about that I know.

Patricia P.
Everyone in this Practice has been wonderful to me. They take their time to make you feel special! They know you are in pain but try to make it a better day!

Dorothy L.
Doctor and pain pump assistance were very good about listening and explaining everything to us. Felt very rushed at times but understand they were busy. Doctor offered solutions for issues.

Rex B.
Very nice personality, seems to care about his patients. Unfortunately he did not have the facilities to help me.

Greg F.
DR Dunn is very caring. He communicates well & explains treatment well. I would certainly recommend him.

Cherie W.
Awsome, very helpful and easy to talk to. THANK YOU!

Melanie F.
Very thorough

Diane P.
I always appreciate my appointments with Dr. Dunn. He gives me all the time I need to discuss the progression of my condition. He uses all ancillary services appropriately to monitor and develop the treatment plan.

Valeska M.
I am ways treated with respect and dignity. Dr. Morgan is a fabulous pain doctor. I highly recommend her and her office. I always feel that Iistened to and my questions are answered in a way that is easily understandable.

Nancy P.
Dr Morgan and her staff are amazing ! They are always friendly and kind. I’m very thankful for the expertise of Dr Morgan , without her I might not have had anyone that really heard what I was saying and was willing to look at, or at least consider, outside of the box for answers

Tanya R.
Dr. Morgan actually listened to what I was saying.She actually helped me with my pain. I will tell anyone to see her if anything that is associated with pain to contact her. The whole group is wonderful and I appreciate them.

Deborah D.
I really like Dr. Morgan, just wish the process was quicker.

Sherri W.
Dr. Morgan was very friendly did not seem to be very helpful to make me understand what was going on

Isabel M.
I was pleased with all of my appt. with Dr. KEMP. We discussed all the issues that have been bothering me and the fact that the implant (?) does not feel like it is doing anything. I was able to talk about my frustrations.I now believe he understands and meeting with rep regarding programing was good idea with good outcome.

Rexene W.
Met my expectations

Glen B.
Things were explained very well. The staff was pleasant

Gary P.
Very professional and friendly

Kelly J.
Heard me and, diagnosed me, and helped right away with a plan for the future.

Theresa V.
Very professional. My pain issues were addressed and there was a plan established to help me deal with them.

Jerry T.
Dr. Dunn is very professional and compassionate when delivering care to his patient. I was very impressed with you array of tools at his disposal to efficiently help me move through pain and develop a plan. I I highly recommend Dr. Dunn Sincerely, Dave Cooley

David C.
Dr. Morgan is wonderful. She's extremely helpful, provides solutions specifically for your needs, and actually listens to you. I can't say enough good things about her, the staff, or Pain Specialists of Oregon. Amazing job!

John B.
5 stars

Wendy R.