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Back Pain
Back pain may be related to muscular strain, degenerative changes in your spine, or poor posture during screen time at work or home. Regardless of what’s causing your discomfort, the providers at Pain Specialists of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon, can help. These expertly trained physicians offer customized nonsurgical and minimally invasive treatment plans that help relieve your discomfort and restore pain-free movement. They also design highly effective strategies that help prevent future episodes of back pain. Schedule your visit today by calling the office or requesting an appointment online.   

Why is back pain so common?

Your back is an impressive system of nerves, muscles, bones, and other tissue structures involved in just about every movement you make. That makes your back particularly vulnerable to injury that causes varying degrees of pain.

Common causes of back pain include:

  • Muscular stress and strain
  • Age-related degenerative changes in the spine, such as herniated discs
  • Arthritis
  • Stenosis (narrowing) of the spinal canal
  • Structural abnormalities such as scoliosis
  • Osteoporosis, which can lead to painful vertebral compression fractures
  • Nerve inflammation and irritation
  • Inappropriate posture

Back pain can originate anywhere along the spine but is most commonly related to the lower (lumbar) spine and cervical (neck) region issues.

How long does back pain last?

The intensity, duration, and location of back pain varies and depends upon what’s causing the discomfort.

A lumbar muscular strain, for instance, may cause a dull ache that’s localized to the lower back area. Depending on the severity of the strain, symptoms can improve with a few days of rest, over-the-counter pain medication, and activity modification.

Pain-related to nerve impingement often presents as a sharp, stabbing, or burning pain that may travel (radiate) into the legs or arms. 

The nerve inflammation and irritation that causes this type of pain may last and worsen until your specialist addresses the underlying condition. Spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, and arthritis are often the source of spinal nerve impingement. 

How do you treat back pain?

Back pain treatment at Pain Specialists of Oregon begins with a thorough evaluation that may include imaging studies to confirm the underlying cause of your symptoms.

Your provider then designs a personalized treatment plan that may include:

  • Physical therapy
  • Evaluation and exercises designed to correct misalignment related to poor posture
  • Injection-based treatments such as epidural steroid injection, nerve blocks, or ablation
  • Facet joint injections
  • Spinal cord stimulation to disrupt pain signals to the brain
  • Nutritional counseling, including recommendations for an anti-inflammatory diet
  • Activity modification

Your provider may also recommend minimally invasive procedures such as kyphoplasty or vertebroplasty to relieve pain and correct spinal instability related to osteoporosis and compression fractures.

Note that all injections are performed under advanced X-ray guidance to ensure accurate placement. 

For an accurate diagnosis and highly effective nonoperative management of your back pain, schedule an evaluation at Pain Specialists of Oregon today. Use the convenient online scheduling tool to request an appointment or call the office to book your visit.